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CORRECTION (regarding posting a map here)

Postby David W » 26 Oct 2013, 21:58

This is to correct a bad misstatement I made above. Here is a quote of what needs to be corrected:
Dave W II wrote:Keith and all, ... I think I am saving to my Google account when following Keith's googlemap method. I logged on to first and then saved to "My Maps"....
Pieter and all, ... The only fly in the ointment is that it may require having a Google account....

The googlemap method here does not require that one have a Google account; nor does one need to save to "My Maps".
The following is all that is required to put an interactive map into your post here:

1. Log in here as a member; choose a thread; click on the "PostReply" box.

2. Visit; click on "Maps" (which sometimes is hidden under Applications); use "Get Directions", for example, to create a map. Near the top, click on the (chain) link symbol shown in Keith's post on 15 Oct 2013 on the first page of this thread; then "copy" the URL that has now been highlighted or "selected" for you.

3. Back on this site, click on the "googlemap" box; then "paste" the URL you just "copied" in between "[/googlemap]" on your right and "[googlemap]" on your left, in the box where you type in your text to be posted. When you Submit your post, the name googlemap will not appear, but the map you created will. (And if all is not well, just click on "Edit" to change things, or on x to delete your post and start over.)
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