The STory STarted with STs that were/are STrictly STandard.

Honda Pan-European 1st generation (German design)

The STory STarted with STs that were/are STrictly STandard.

Postby David W » 27 Jan 2018, 21:11

In this first installment of the ST/Pan STory, we propose looking at the first two years of STs worldwide. And though both of those years will be included here, producing a stable of a startling 12 thousand STeeds, all of those STs are of the "Standard" model type (meaning they are both non-ABS, and non-Police).

For STarters, what were those two years?

The first two build years were 1989 and 1990.
The first two sales years were 1990 and 1991.

The first two Honda model years were also 1990 and 1991, which are known also as the L year and the M year.

And because the starting USA model year was actually a merger of two different vintages of STs, we add yet another term, vintage, to help us sort out that STarting STable of STandard STs, as follows:

The first two vintages of STs were the 1990 vintage and the 1991 vintage. (Sample usage of that added term: The 1991 USA model year includes STs of both of those vintages.)

The following attachment tries to provide a top down overview that may help put those first two years of STandard STs in perspective. (See especially the green line there called Standard ST1100.)
The STart of the Pan ST1100 Line.pdf
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Red Line, beyond which are only Details----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Scope here:
The proposed topic here is an hiSTorical account, but we will not be including all of hiSTory.

We will skip entirely the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
We will skip also the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

We will fast forward, and instead begin with the Rise of the Pan/ST Line in the Fall of 1989.

And at end of this particular thread, we will STrangle our STopper levers when we get to the Rise of the ABS equipped Pans and STs in the Fall or Winter of 1991.

The next attachment is merely a backup copy of the main attachment. It is in the form of a "Word" document.
The STart of the Pan ST1100 Line.docx
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